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-=# Towering Inferno #=-


The barista hands you your coffee, you pay and sit down. What lovely weather. You take a sip. It's a little hot.

Your phone rings and it's your wife. She said she would call you when her interview was over. She's wanted a better job for years and you had given her an ride to the law firm's head office. A huge gleaming building.

"I don't want to get my hopes up but it went really well" she exclaimed. "I'm just downstairs in the foyer." you smile" The coffee is nice here". "I'll be down as soon as I can" the interview was on the top floor" she spluttered excitedly.


The glass in front of you blows out with a massive fireball. You drop your phone and a huge explosion rips through the room, sending glass and debris everywhere. Gas mains burst and the room is briefly scorching hot. Screaming, blood and crying bodies everywhere.

The blinding flash takes your sight. You are plunged into darkness. The deafening boom takes your hearing, you can hear nothing.

All you can do is feel the heat of fires and use your hands to feel around the room.

-=# Controls and Help #=-

You need to make your way to the top of the building. You remember that there are 10 floors. After that you will be on the roof. You know that your wife is there and you need to get to her. You know that rescue is there in the form of a rescue helicopter. Reach it.

Make your way across the ground floor to the bottom right of the screen using the mouse. A series of flashes will signify you have opened the door in the next floor as you feel the heat.

As you make your way to the opposite corner (top left) knowing that the stairwell is there, avoid any traps and fires. You will know when you are close because you can feel the heat (the screen will flash faster as you get closer to the heat).

The faster the flashing the more danger you are in so back away.

If the screen goes white then you fell into a fire and burned. The game is over. Click the mouse to start again from the ground floor.

If you reach the other corner you will advance to the next floor. There are ten floors until you reach the roof.

When the screen alternates colours every second you have reached the roof, your wife and you have boarded the helicopter to safety.

Be careful. Stay away from fires.

-=# Tips #=-

Move slowly.

Don't click the mouse. This takes you back to the ground floor.

Remember where you moved. You might have to backtrack.

This game was made for the 1 bit game jam with very restricted rules on things you could and could not do to construct your game. No sound, 1x1 pixel.

https://itch.io/jam/bit-jam <- see here for more info

Published Apr 06, 2016
AuthorHot Mess Games
Tags1-bit, Mouse only, silent


towering_inferno.exe 2 MB

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